Launch of, a measurement and optimization solution for the new marketing era, co-founded by Fabien Magalon and Renaud Couzin

Paris on 07/09/2022

We are in a new era of digital marketing. The era of privacy and consent, responsible and committed investments. This turning point calls for an overhaul of the tools used to measure the effectiveness of advertising investments, for the entire ecosystem. is built on the conviction that attention and advertising effectiveness are quantifiable and predictable data that go far beyond viewability and completion, which are not sufficiently discriminating and do not qualify advertising impact.'s mission is to build innovative measurement technologies supported by artificial intelligence, to meet the new challenges of digital advertising and contribute positively to the ecosystem.

Commercialized since summer, the first technology developed by relies on dozens of signals to objectively measure and predict the quality of each advertising exposure in real time.

In concrete terms, allows brands to invest on the most valuable impressions and publishers to better monetize them.

Fabien Magalon, co-founder

"We are convinced that current metrics (viewability, completion, click) no longer reflect the value of an ad. In a context where 50% of digital ads are no longer attached to an identifier, our solution supports all industry players."